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Please download this Updater (Simple Chinese), then follow the instruction inside. Very simple.

For English version please download this Updater (English Version).

M4 convert all old signal from your old controller into new signal that can accept by new console. That mean M4 should support ALL games on the new console. Moreover, user can upgrade M4 firmware themselves, which mean even there are more function provided by your new console in the future. M4 can support them too!

We will start selling M4 with the latest firmware on 4th December 2014.

Yes, all unit or products purchase from official site www.match4newconsole.com are 100% real goods. You should beware of fakes or cheap clone outside the market. All product purchase from here have 1 year warranty service and 24/7 technical support. (Shipping fee excluded for international purchase)

Yes. But it require the game support it too. For example the DriveClub of PS4 do not support the Manual shift stick, then of cause the shift stick would not work. However, you can still use the shift paddles behind the wheel for manual shift control.

Yes! M4 support nearly all controller which can be used on PS3 system. Including racing wheel and joystick.

No. All you need is to follow the installation instructions. Remove the batteries from your XboxOne controller, and then connect it to M4 using a USB cable.

Yes, you need a wired PS4 controller, any wired PS4 controller will do. We recommend you to use Hori PS4 usb controller.